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Extreme Clean Wipes

EXTREME CLEAN WIPES are the new standard of achievement in ultralow extractables and ultralow particle generation wipes for Cleanrooms.

Choose from our following list:

Polyester knits in three weights.
All are constructed using 100% continuous filament polyester knit. These wipers feature sealed edges using a proprietary one step laser cutting and sealing process.

They are laundered in a state-of-the-art class-10 cleanroom laundry using proprietary wash formulas and laundering processes. All products are lot traceable. To ensure cleanliness and minimal handling. the wipes are processed in sequential order. The fabric is laid out, laser cut and sealed at the same time. The cut wipes then go directly into the laundry and then into the packaging room. All products are double poly bagged for class-10 cleanroom use.

The light-weight and heavy-weight products are single thickness. The pinsonic grade is a bonded two-ply textured wipe that provides added absorption retention and entrapment. The pinsonic wiper is actually more absorbent than two individual wipes alone. The total is greater than the sum of the parts.

Cotton polyester blend fabric tightly woven resulting in a super absorbent, low linting wipe. XC-PINNACLE WIPES consists of a tightly woven cotton polyester blend fabric, resulting in a super absorbent, low linting wipe. The twill pattern effectively traps contaminants during the wiping process. Unlike releasable particles, lower in extractible ions and lower in non-volatile residues. XC-PINNACLE WIPES are "LYMANIZED", a proprietary cleaning treatment that ensures the ultimate in cleanliness and quality. It is thermally stable, static dissipative, and more durable than standard cotton. It is processed at neutral pH without any starch or binders, and is virtually chemically pure.

Nonwoven fabric blend of polyester and super absorbent cellulose hydrospun to provide a fabric of high strength. It is produced without the use of binders, starches, or thermal bonding techniques. Hence, the wiper is low in extractable ions and relatively free of non-volatile residues. The material is embossed with a high performance aggressive surface twill pattern to enhance the cleaning capability. The "peaks" of the pattern enhance the cleaning capability while the "valleys" provide a trap for the removal of contaminants. The material is of a heavy basis weight to wipe dry and wipe clean.

This 100% polyester material is strong, bulky, soft and inherently low in particulates.
It is manufactured without chemical binders or thermal bonding, using hydroentanglement - high pressure water jets that entangle the individual fibers together. This material represents a state-of-the-art non-woven structure.

For more information or to place an order, please contact us.

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