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Clean Room Wipes & Supplies

LYMSAT® Wipes for Electrofusion

Cleaning Wipe for Pipeline Installation

Lymsat® Wipes provide the pipeline installer with a convenient, effective, and safe way to assure fully functioning joints when using Electrofusion pipe joining systems.

This single-use wipe is presaturated with 96% Isopropyl Alcohol and 4% Deionized water to provide a cost-effective and clean joint preparation for polyethylene pipe used in gas lines.

All these wipes are cleanroom grade polyester, lint-free and has a metered amount of liquid that assures equal cleaning from joint to joint. This wipe is featured in many Electrofusion training classes both for certification and general use training.

Lymsat® Wipes are sold in single-use packages or re-sealable center-feed canisters. The solution has been developed to meet the application needs of Electrofusion joining process.

Lymsat® Wipers featuring this solution blend:

6" x 8.5"
11" x 17"
3" x 4" (60/box)

For more information or to place an order, please contact us.