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C-WIPES - Nonwovens

C-WIPES are effective in the cleanroom because of their super absorbency, extremely low particle generation and ultra purity. All five kinds of C-WIPES instantly absorb four times their own weight. These soft, tough and lofty wipes will not scratch surfaces when used either wet or dry. C-WIPES are low in soluble extractables and metallic ions. Their specially blended cellulose and polyester fibers are hydroentangled to make state-of-the-art non-wovens.

C-WIPES are an efficient, economical general purpose clean room wipe.
C-WIPES are converted, cleaned and double-bag packaged in our cleanrooms to ensure "Cleanroom Quality."
C-WIPES are available in several sheet sizes and rolls.

- Asuper absorbent nonwoven
- Ultralow particle generation
- Ultralow chemical extractables
- Super high tensile, tear and bursting strengths
- Comprised of special blends of cellulose and polyesters
- Manufactured by using advanced - Hydroentanglement technology
- Clean room packaged in double bags
- Standard products shipped within 48 hours
- All products guaranteed
Standard Sizes and Packaging

C1: is our most popular general purpose cleanroom wipe. It is usually the answer because of its ultra-low tendency to generate particles and its ultra-low levels of soluble extractables. C1 is made of a super absorbent blend of cellulose and polyester. It is used in sheets for general purpose cleaning of equipment and parts. It is also used in rolls for the burnishing and polishing of rigid discs and as SMT rolls.

C1E: is enhanced with a breakthrough process for reduced particle generation and increased strength. C1E is recommended when ultra-low particle generation is top priority.

C30: has no chemical binders and is very low in particulate. C30 is recommended when ultra-low particulate is the top priority.

C3: is comprised of 100% hydroentangled polyester fibers. It provides qualities similar to the other C-WIPES, but is especially smooth, soft, and non-abrasive. C3 is recommended for the cleaning of lenses, and other sensitive surfaces.

C3E: is treated to enhance absorption with a breakthrough process for reduced particle generation and increased strength. C3E is recommended when ultra-low particle generation is top priority.

C30L: Economically priced to save you money. C30L is intended for use in critical cleanroom environments, such as; microelectronics, semiconductor, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and many other industries. C30L is strong, durable, highly absorbent and chemically pure.

C8: The "twill" pattern is comprised of " hills and valleys". The "hill" portion enhances the aggressiveness of the wipe, while the "valley" portion provides a place for contaminants to hide. This is important because contaminants on the surface of a wipe can cause scratching and smearing of sensitive surfaces. C8 is comprised of absorbent cellulose and polyester fibers that have been hydroentangled. A proprietary method called "Lymanizing" makes this product especially low linting and free of chemical binders.

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